ZUU FITNESS -for the first time in Maxs room The Italian center for camerettaALTERNANZA SCHOOL WORK TORINOLa


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ZUU FITNESS -for the first time in Max's room The Italian center for camerettaALTERNANZA SCHOOL WORK TORINOLa Dean of Cesare Pavese presented the Champion project to the alternation. It is a memorandum of understanding with the Italian Centre for the bedroom of Turin www.maxcamerette.it for school-work in three years, and is the model with which Max's room Company has decided to work from here on forward to encouraging other realities Commercial aderenti.La new gymnastics ZUU only event in ITALY, the event organized by Max's room with Prof. Mauro Pecchenino Professor of integrating enterprise communications, and included in the draft Alternation school work in partnership with chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Union of Turin ZUU level 1 with Stefano Cuniberti – January 20, 2017- Gold Coast. The pilot project for the first time in Turin in the Italian Center for the bedroom, this new sport was invented in Australia by a former coach Nathan Helberg.20 January 1 TorinoLivello ZUU lasting 4 oreil Trainer Stefano will teach 30 students of the sports Liceo Primo Levi Turin Samples of alternation training as imitating the animals, while Prof. For an hour will inform the guys with a lecture on marketing in the sport at the end of the path of lasting 4 hours there will be a prize giving by the Organizers of the President max's room Massimiliano Teifreto and Professor Mauro Pecchenino deliver a certificate of attendance. PROGRAM OF THE DAY ZUU explanation verbale1 course that crosses: ZUU History

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