Poesia Fòcara Novoli Ersilio Teifreto evento massmediatico della the Fòcara poesia dellamico Etrusco Pertini in onore di SantAntonio Abate del fuoco tradotto in Inglese



The Focara Novoli 2013

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  1. Marcello

    8 January 2013

    Following the reporting of our dear friend Ersilio, I became aware of “Focara”, thing that made me very curious.
    I hope one day to see live the celebration , the ignition in the direct Focara.

    Congratulations for the initiative that collects interest
    Marcello .


  2. Savior

    24 December 2012

    Interesting! I hope one day to go and see this great fire Novoli, probably the largest in the world.
    Greetings to all.
    Salvatore Salamone


  3. Ersilio Teifreto

    22 December 2012

    On behalf of all Novolesi thank his friend Joseph, author of the beautiful article on Focara load of sympathy, for the kind words he has written and expressed enthusiasm towards our traditions.

    For many years, the event is open to artists of FòcarArte, painters, the music, poets etc.…. crossing the borders to become intangible heritage of Humanity.

    Professor Giuseppe Musolino presented “Michele Pane. The Life”, the biography of one of the greatest poets Calabresi, the book tells stories and traditions Calabresi, and the immigration issue to which all history is connected.

    Michele Pane (Decollatura CZ 1876 – Chicago 1953); with this area of ??Calabria we have a tradition in common “The good fire”. The poet wrote the famous poem “A FOCARA” published book “Violas and nettles in 1906″.

    Professor Joseph on the site http://www.michelepane.it explains the etymology of the word “Focara”.

    A greeting and a wish of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family and friends Calabresi.

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    • Castelli Kevin

      23 December 2012

      Assuming they do not possess neither your knowledge nor the culture on your, Focara watching me warms my heart as I think of you and all those who are fortunate enough to participate. I wanted to thank you to carry on with passion and commitment that would otherwise be lost, because just knowing where we come from we know where we want to. It is with a sense of pride in more hours I greet you and wish you the beautiful and serene Christmas holidays … Kevin, another Apulian transplanted in Turin …


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