Articolo di Ersilio copiato e tradotto Whe completed on, the Fòcara, with dry fagots interwind For these reason the Fòcara, built with te characteristic

 articolo di Ersilio tradotto

When completed, the Fòcara, with dry fagots intertwined with technical mastery that are handed down from generation to bear the weight of 700 tons over the beddings to wind and rain.

<font face='\"Raleway,' sans-serif\"="">When turned on, to make it safe, the technical method “secret” used, requires the Fòcara as burning retain fire and ash within the same ensuring a high degree of security, allowing families with children approach the circle of fire safely, to the rhythm of sounds and dance of pinches. For these reasons the Fòcara, built with the characteristics described, is considered by researchers from many institutions International the largest in the world

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