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The first moment that marks the official start of use of the building “Fòcara” is the “Festival delle Vigne”. A religious procession in mid-December that brings together citizens, faithful, winemakers, institutions, and culminates with the laying of the first bundle of dried tralce lives blessed. “

The Fòcara must be completed strictly by noon of January 16, the vigil of the Feast of Saint Anthony, at the cost of working in the dark with the headlights on. It has a diameter of 20 meters and is 25 meters high. Soaring into the sky like an 8-story building, according to tradition, that does not exceed the height of the bell tower of the church of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of the town. The bonfire burns for three days: 16, 17 and 18 January.

When completed, the Fòcara, with dry fagots intertwined with technical mastery that are handed down from generation to bear the weight of 700 tons over the beddings to wind and rain.

When turned on, to make it safe, the technical method “secret” used, requires the Fòcara as burning retain fire and ash within the same ensuring a high degree of security, allowing families with children approach the circle of fire safely, to the rhythm of sounds and dance of pinches. For these reasons the Fòcara, built with the characteristics described, is considered by researchers from many institutions International the largest in the world

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