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Arredare In

The company is active in the following sectors:

Design Architectural Design Services Indoor And Outdoor Decoration

Services Printing And Graphic Design Services

Province: Torino

Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism c.so Regio Parco 27 – 10152 Torino – Italy info@centroestero.org www.centroestero.org


Top skills for Expo 2015 from Torino – Piemonte – Italy

Web site: www.maxcamerette.it

Company description: Interior Design

Turnover: 500-1500

N. of employees: 3

Contact languages: Arredare In was founded in 1978 and deals with residential furnishing and accomodation. In regarding with foreign orders Arredare In collaborates with Piemonte Incontract, Piemonte Agency. On the occasion of Expo 2015, Arredare In supports its business

For information: Massimiliano Teifreto info@maxcamerette.it – 3277361011