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The fire gives warmth, but is also a place to meet, chat, celebration, socializing. Always. Just think of the conversations in a house, around a fireplace or at parties on the beach, when the arrival of night fire sheds light, company, calore.Su these simple principles, typical of rural culture, including religious ritual and pagan festival, every year in Salento and especially in Novoli, in the province of Lecce, take the life Fòcara, the festival of fire. This year takes place January 16 to 18, with echoes in other parts of Salento and a reminder from all over Italy and the world. A blend of art, with a spectacular installation of Gianfranco Baruchello the Italian artist who through France experienced international fame; culture and that of the earth in particular; food, wine, music. This traditional festival has always had over the years a special closeness with great artists began Mimmo Paladino with his horses and then it was the turn of other masters such as Kounellis and Nespolo.La party and the fire ritual is dedicated to St. Anthony Abbot, the Egyptian hermit who lived in the fourteenth century. Is built by the people, through a human chain, a kind of "pyramid" of about thirty meters, consisting of about 100,000 bundles of vines and so, without mechanical means, but with a spirit to green, fire is lit and all around there is dancing, talking, canta.Il fire burns and with him the image of the Holy.

In a fire that becomes a symbol of purification, rebirth and hope for future positive and fertile crops. And the people, united and involved, lives with participation this time of joy and hope. For this edition, the town of Novoli and gave birth to Space Fòcara, to organize various events and give further impetus to the crowd of partecipanti.Portavoce in northern Italy this tradition is the entrepreneur Ersilio Teifreto, originally from Novoli and many years active in Turin. With his voice breaking with emotion recalls his childhood and the many meetings with this party, and says through the pages of a blog that care personalmente.Della Fòcara have written many media, including National Geographic, and it also speaks Dante in reference to a fire warming and places in the hills of Pesaro and that has in the rite of Novoli his ideal discendente.


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