Articolo camera di Van Gogh del Prof. Mauro Pecchenino

"The room of Arles" by Van Gogh visiting Torinogennaio 18, 2016 by admin Category What's in Pentolarsz_cameraSono years of crisis and the Italian company is not immune. For a newspaper, however, it is more interesting to write positive stories that somehow depart the crisis. And when you write of Italian enterprise it is natural to think of a man who started a family and who continuato.La story Ersilio Teifreto and MAX's room corresponds precisely this assumption. He started from the Puglia and experienced cabinetmaker, he began to think of an enterprise of home furniture. He and his wife Pina gave birth at the end of the seventies, to MAX's room, bringing for the first time in Italy and following the Montessori method, the concept of "room" for children, a place to live, study, rest, play, spend tempo.Poi arrived his son Maximilian Teifreto, now director of the company, always committed to supervise everything, to be sure that everything runs smoothly. With the passing of years have developed many initiatives that have met with the appreciation of many visitatori.Ricordiamo "Web Watch" in partnership with Safe Network Giorgio Sgarra, (it helps avoid bad encounters on the Net); "My back goes to school" (an important initiative that helps prevent bad posture for the very young, in collaboration with the Italian Society of Ergonomics and the Italian Association of Physiotherapists (AIFI) and Baby Pit Stop, an exclusive, private and dedicated to mothers who breast-feed their babies within MAX's room, as is usual in all countries Nordici.In collaboration with Consorzio San Luca Turin, who carried out the work and is chaired by Michelangelo Varetto, they put up, through the techniques of corporate communications, with an initiative of "cultural adoption," the visit to the public and to schools of "The Room of Arles", life-size reproduction of the masterpiece of the same name of Vincent Van Gogh.L ' love of art that has always characterized the Teifreto led to organize four events, Saturday: On 23 January, 27 February 26 March and 23 April at the Turin headquarters, opening to the public their own company, enriched with this impressive reproduction .Quella MAX's room is an Italian story, worthy of note and attention where family, business and art become ideal protagoniste.Mauro Pecchenino