Icone di Sant’Antonio Abate

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Heilige Antonius, Martin Schongauer, 1470 - 1490
ANTONIUSBEL: Insigne van de heilige Antonius de kluizenaar, ook wel Antonius abt genoemd. Antonius leefde in Alexandrië van 251-356 en wordt beschouwd als de grondlegger van het monnikswezen. Zijn attributen bestaan uit; het varken, een boek, een stok en een bel. Hij was de patroonheilige van de veehouders en wordt het meest aangeroepen tegen veeziektes en vooral tegen varkensziekte.
San Antonio Abad, de Joos van Cleve, en Agaete (Gran Canaria)
Shell-box; lead alloy; fragment of ball for carrying cockle-shells from the shrine of St James of Compostela; beaded edges; c. 400-1500; lead alloy; 5.08 cm; Spain; British Museum of Art 1871,0714.42
This T-shaped cross was the emblem of St. Anthony the Great. Members of a religious order based at Vienne in France founded the Hospital of St. Anthony in the 13th century in Threadneedle Street in the City of London. A number of monastic establishments established during the medieval period were linked to overseas orders. The Norman aristocracy gave plots of land to the religious orders on which to build.
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Database search resultsSearch results from the database Page: 1
LON-943E53: A Medieval lead alloy incomplete pilgrim badge, this is a Tau badge dating to the 15th century.
Altar wing/Flügel des Weltgerichtsaltares: St Anthony/Hll. Antonius, Pope Cornelius/Papst Cornelius and Mary Magdalen/Maria Magdalena with a patron/mit einem Stifter, c.1440/50, Stefan Lochner; the saints are shown with their symbolic attributes: St Anthony the Great: a bell and tau-cross staff; Pope Cornelius: a cow horn and papal tiara; Mary Madgalen: an ointment pot. (Alte Pinakothek)
Pectoral tau cross; silver-gilt; crucifix; edge with raised cable border; small rings appended to arms; five pendant taus of St Anthony; rev...
Rosary with Cross of Tau pendant 1501/1550 The Cross of Tau has been considered a means of protection against the plague since the 6th century. It is also the symbol of St. Anthony, who is called on in cases of ergot poisoning or "St. Anthony's fire".
Pilgrim badge LON-043B88 A Medieval lead alloy pilgrim badge: Tau badge dating to the 15th century. License terms: BY-SA
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