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Who are we, who are we, here Are we, What Somos, Wer wir sindWelcome Camerette follows the pioneers who invented the bedroom in Turin, becoming leader in Piedmont and qualifying as Italian center for the bedroom , grow with us the habit of the family, we save the old stories with a look to the future. The marketing of furniture for children and adolescents, managed by the Critelli family, has become a reference in the sector. Today, 2019We present the Evolution of the bedroom, in the Venaria Reale ShowRoom (TO presents to the public a changing of the bedroom, over the years, the space dedicated to children has evolved and even in this case, the excesses were abandoned to leave room for essential solutions. The new concept encourages us to reconsider the space and goes beyond the tradition to furnish the bedrooms, when the houses were large, this space was furnished with bulky and little used furniture.Today, the houses are built smaller, the economic conditions of the families are limited, the solution to the problem is then the new generation Camerette which aims to widen the existing spaces by offering to each child or teenager own space Legacy documents are kept according to the guidelines of our work: to be honest, serious and considerate Fairness to the client with respect to his requests. We are present on the Net with our information portal on Camerette, on social networks, to keep pace with our time. The story continues by pursuing family values. The experience of Mrs. Maria Critelli, mother of 3 children, accumulated over the years in the best stores specialized in the sale of furniture for children and adolescents, bringing her experience, knowledge and expertise of the sector. With its Format, it creates attractive spaces, rich in many reasons of interest adapted to different activities, inviting the children to experiment their own needs following the Montessoriana method In ShowRoom Welcome, Camerette uses the logo as a concession: Baby Pit Stop), registered with the uf. National trademarks and patents. At the Turin Book Fair 2019, the company Welcome Camerette was invited by the organizers to create L’angolo della Poppata with its format, a service for mothers with babies and families visiting the living room enjoying great citizen satisfaction. Best welcome and guarantee of excellent service, it is advisable to contact us to make an appointment.Office of relations of the Italian Center for the bedroom info@welcomecamerette.com